Yearly Archives: 2017

The beauty of unconditional love

Creative constipation. It’s terrible. We can all get bogged down and clogged up with personal struggles. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe, take that step away, view a situation from another perspective and get one’s mojo back on track. Writers generally speaking tend to be a sensitive bunch, so circumstances affect us deeply. Such sensitivity is a trait I am inflicted with, for better or

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Join us for a book launch!

Hi everyone, ‘Can I Come Too, Eliza-Lou?’ is here. Please join us for the book launch this coming Sunday in Perth. Wild Eyed Press are celebrating the release of four picture books in their 2017 catalogue at Paperbird Book Shop in Fremantle.  We hope to see you there!

Can I Come Too, Eliza-Lou?

Excitement is mounting! For the final copy edits of my next picture book ‘Can I Come Too, Eliza-Lou?,’ illustrated by Rebecca Cool, I was emailed this story in an electronic format which Wild Eyed Press sends on to their graphic designer. The graphic designer makes alterations to the position and shape of the text on each page, and works with the illustrations, to create

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Grateful for Feedback

Critiques are fantastic! The other day, someone asked me, ‘how do you respond to a critique? Surely having someone tell you what is wrong with your manuscript makes you feel miserable?‘ Quite the opposite….Receiving a critique on your picture book manuscript or the first ten pages of your novel at a conference, is a most valuable learning experience for any new writer. And I

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I recently returned from an inspiring few days on Rottnest Island for the annual Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators retreat. I caught up with old friends, made new friends, received some great education and inside tips from guest publishers and W.A.’s published authors and illustrators, I was encouraged in my own writing and had a huge amount of fun. I’ve returned home buzzing with fresh ideas

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Who am I? This is one of those universal questions that is explored in many books for middle-grade readers. It is a question that has popped up in the junior fiction/ middle-grade manuscripts I’ve been working on over the last couple of years. In two stories I’ve recently finished (unpublished) my main protagonists seek to find answers to questions around identity in very different ways. I’ve been writing a

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Musings about careers and the writing life

Last month I was thrilled to catch up with my PhD supervisor, Professor Sue Jenkins who was visiting Albany with her partner. It had been about six years since we’d last met and it was lovely to see her happy, relaxed and enjoying her current phase of life. Sue is a very special lady, and a significant mentor to me. She was awarded an Order of

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My Grandmother

This year began with the passing of my Grandmother. She was a humble and inspiring lady who will be dearly missed. Among her many pursuits and passions, Grandma had a great love for words and education, as seen through her achievement of three University degrees, an enjoyment of cryptic crosswords, of scrabble and writing poetry. Grandma had a rich and full life and I am blessed to

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